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Culture For The Whole Family, Elite Tour Club
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Experience totally new dimensions of day-to-day life. A thoroughly luxurious Family’s Culture Exchange can be arranged for you and/or your family members as part of a short, medium or long tour in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria or Sudan.

As an Elite Tour Club member, you are assured that we can facilitate extraordinary social, educational and cultural ways of touring with maximum success. Think of this: you and your loved-ones can become ‘temporary residents’ — guests — of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria or Sudan! Live in one or more of their famous cities during your specially customised Family’s Culture Exchange, or on a working or part-working Culture Exchange.

Cutural Diversity
We want you to be able to enjoy our tours as a family, and to learn about the local cultures you will immerse yourself in. We love to make sure that your children benefit as much as you do, and that your tour truly is a family experience. Enjoy the cultural diversity of our tours help your family to learn about a whole new world.

On a Family’s Culture Exchange tour, all our exemplary standards remain supremely high, but when you venture from your luxury private family residence, what can your chosen country offer you? And what might you be able to offer the country?

We are also committed to touring in a manner that is thoughtful and respectful of the local populous, their culture and environment. Elite Tour Club’s members often attest to the gracious welcomes, many kindnesses and unconditional hospitality that embrace them, and we don’t like to leave a host country without contributing something good in return. 

Each of our destinations includes charity projects that we’ve identified as deserving particular attention. So, however you would like to spend your time ‘temporarily residing’ in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria or Sudan, we invite you to opt for a half-day fact-finding visit to one or more of our charity projects. You’ll gain a fascinating understanding of their challenges, and of the country’s pressing social issues — plus you’ll meet many of our charities’ benefactors.

Here are excerpts from Elite Tour Club members’ personal Culture Exchange odysseys:

  • Personally studied (and/or taught children) cultural and/or religious heritage, traditions, history and archaeology.
  • Worked as a volunteer for a charity project and/or an orphanage; a hospital; an educational institution; a local community; a social welfare project; a non-governmental organisation.
  • Participated in a local event and/or a festival; a musical project; a dance project; a theatre project.
  • Participated in an agricultural project and/or a market gardening project; a food project; a restaurant project; culinary activities.
  • Studied ancient and/or modern languages; linguistics; translation, in one or more of the country’s languages.
  • Established cross-cultural and/or economic exchanges with business and/or industry.


Relating to aspects of the above, Elite Tour Club encourages and facilitates a children’s family pen-friend scheme. Friendships ignite through mutual-aged personal interests, and your children and their newfound pen-friends can look forward to long-lasting international letter writing and/or e-communication, far into the future. Ask us to make an introduction, and we will ensure that your child gets to contact a pen-friend before your travels, and that he or she can visit them during your stay. We will also give your child a phrasebook and a couple of hours’ introduction to your destination’s common phrases.

You already know that you couldn’t meet a finer company of travel experts. Added to our vast know-how is the advantage that we originate from a multitude of countries — including the United Kingdom and Egypt — which means we have much in common with you, our members. So, at any time during your ‘temporary residence’ in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria or Sudan, use the expertise of an Elite Tour Club tour leader (many of them are qualified Egyptologists) to ensure that you fully exploit the historic legacy of these nations’ cities. You’ll experience the extraordinary, and we’ll captivate you with what’s astonishing, inspiring and utterly rewarding.

No regions on Earth engender duality quite like the Middle East and North Africa. They encompass countries with heritage in the ancient past, and with some intractable and misunderstood reputations in the modern world. It’s not Elite Tour Club’s business to airbrush away concerns about ‘trouble spots’, but huge areas of our regions are safe and secure, and wait with dignity to unveil their treasures.

  We can organise a Family’s Culture Exchange between most of our members’ home countries and Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria and Sudan. Please contact us via email at or Facebook or by sending an enquiry to our travel consultants.

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