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We are committed to touring in a manner that is thoughtful and respectful of the local populous, their culture and environment. Elite Tour Club’s clients often attest to the gracious welcomes, many kindnesses and unconditional hospitality that embrace them, and we don’t like to leave our host countries without contributing something good in return.

Sir Professor Magdi YacoubEach of our magnificent destinations includes many deserving charity projects, and in Egypt, we’ve identified Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation and 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital as deserving particular attention. We ask that you allow us to donate 5% of the net profit derived from your Elite Tour Club itinerary to whichever of these causes you nominate. Alternatively, both these charities invite you to opt for a half-day social and fact-finding visit. You’ll gain a fascinating understanding of their challenges, and of Egypt’s pressing social issues - plus you’ll meet many of our charities’ benefactors. At your visits end, a gift or donation to your new found friends would be a much-appreciated bonus!

Magdi Yacoub - Founder of Magdi Yacoub Heart FoundationThe founder of the UK’s Chain of Hope charity, renowned Cardiothoracic surgeon Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub was born in Bilbeis, Egypt in 1935. Today he continues to operate on children who bear the handicaps of defective hearts and poverty. He has saved the lives of many babies’ congenital heart defects; key to his methodology is the intricate ‘switching’ of their little heart vessels.

Yacoub pioneered the second-wave of UK heart-transplant surgery that resumed in 1980, and developed the techniques of heart and heart-and-lung transplantation. In 1983, he performed the first combined heart and lung transplant at Harefield Hospital, UK. An earlier cardiovascular patient, Derrick Morris, was Europe's longest surviving heart-transplant recipient until his death in 2005.

The Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation is absolutely vital to the cardiovascular health of the people of Egypt, and of other Middle Eastern nations. The less privileged among their populous’ receive gratis heart surgery - and practically everything else that’s cardiovascular-related - most commonly at Yacoub’s beloved Aswan Heart Centre.

Knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1992, Sir Magdi Yacoub began with a single-minded objective that grew to be established in Aswan; a tranquil Nile-side medical centre dedicated to cardiovascular surgery, treatment and research. Today his Aswan Heart Centre provides plenty of hope, and greatly contributes to the achievement of saving lives in the region. Crucially, the Centre’s research also contributes to Egypt’s biomedical knowledge base, and is transmitted to research centres around the world.

Ask us more about how you can help this deserving cause as part of your trip.